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"Don't blame Africa's failure on the west or the free market, that is nonsense. Africa has failed because of its lack of ability to produce wealth for itself, its lack of ability to manage itself, its tendency to blame the west for their own personal failure. Just throwing that in there because some people actually do believe Africa has failed because of free trade. They didn't create jack for the 4000+ years without Europeans. If they were biologically equal to Europeans then they would of atleast had something, but no, they had nothing."

-Forum post by a libertarian


Blogger breakerslion said...

Yeah, I've heard this one before. The Africans who had "nothing" were once paying huge tributes to Egypt in gold. Then too, if they had "nothing", what did the likes of De Beers remove by force of arms? How were African populations maintained before the white man's handouts? How big was the contribution of Methodist Missionaries in destroying sustainable agriculture across wide regions? What part did segregation play in preventing any meaningful transition of government and infrastructure when the Europeans pulled out?

I just love the way ignorant people think you can reduce complex issues to a couple of opinionated sentences. What the Africans didn't have in the beginning of the Colonial Period was firearms. That issue has been largely resolved at great expense.

26 January, 2009 09:56  
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Never ending liberal angst. Blame Sub-Sahara's lack of success of outsiders, imperialists, Arabs, Europeans, Religion, Capitalism, etc.. and gleefully gloss over any notion that blacks may have genetically less intelligent.

03 March, 2012 13:58  

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