Friday, March 23, 2007

Wedding Pictures

A friend of mine is a really good photographer and a contributor to the UT newspaper, The Daily Texan.

Commerican1917 (6:09:07 PM):
Commerican1917 (6:09:11 PM): joe's pics
My Mother (6:09:16 PM): i saw that 2 days ago

She's quick.


Blogger Delta said...

Wow, great pictures! Those turned out extremely well. The first one looks like it came out of a movie or something. Oh, and my fiancee said she likes Tina's hair.

How many people did you invite? We're hoping to keep ours pretty small, but there's so many "we should probably invite them"s to consider.

25 March, 2007 13:03  
Blogger Mookie said...

I believe we invited 30. Several had schedule conflicts and so couldn't attend. Some went to only the ceremony, others only the reception.

Try to invite friends, not acquaintances or secondary friends. Parents and a core group of friends you see often or have known for a long time and respect should suffice. For the bachelor party, I invited all my guy friends to help me build a bookshelf as my wedding present. The people that you would want involved in such a project should tell you who you would want at your wedding (at least the males).

Make everyone bring their digital cameras. We have multiple shots of the whole wedding from multiple angles. Could probably make a 3D model of the place! Even if people take horrible photos, you are bound to get some worthy of photo albums.

Oh, and my fiancee said she likes Tina's hair.

Tina sez: "Thanks!"

She also made our costumes. Go Tina!

25 March, 2007 13:26  
Blogger Delta said...

She also made our costumes. Go Tina!

Really? I'm honestly very impressed. I had wondered where you had bought them.

26 March, 2007 11:24  
Blogger Mookie said...

Yeah, she gets patterns from the fabric store, cuts the pieces out of the cloth, and sews them together. Sounds simple, but does take a few hours.

26 March, 2007 11:29  

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