Friday, January 05, 2007

Bloggers Unite!

I had the great pleasure of meeting delta of Freethought Weekly and his brother of Rationality. I was really only expecting to see delta, but as became an over-used joke, I thought: I got two bloggers for the price of one! It was a rainy day when we met, and their visit was short and hectic. I got the impression we would get along fine had we more time to socialise. Alas, the holidays are inherently hectic, and when away from home, it's often hard to stay in one place for long. I wish them well in their respective cities.

I wonder when a blogging convention will take place. Show up in booths labeled with blog names, and the monkey who writes it is there in all its glory. Various activities to occupy them for a while, like workshops on blogging and using HMTL, etc. If such a thing were to occur, I bet a lot of people would blog about it.


Blogger Delta said...

Yes, it was certainly nice to meet you in person. If you're ever out here definitely let me know.

A blogging convention would be very cool. Perhaps the toughest thing would be choosing the location since air travel is rather expensive. If there were enough bloggers in the host city they could offer lodging for the bloggers that had to fly in, which would seriously defray the costs of attending the convention. If it were going to be a big enough event, I would be willing spend the money on the plane ticket though.

07 January, 2007 18:27  
Blogger Chris Paul said...

Bloggers4Labour had a meeting at the annual conference in Manchester ... didn't go to it myself as I was invited out to dinner by one of the ring leaders in the great UK miners strikes of the 80s and he promised that another guest would be the hubby of the woman who wrote A History of Tractors in Ukrainian and he, a NZlander, did fly in from Brussels or somewhere and did entertain us. He had been involved in a lot of mining stuff also. So I don't know what the Bloggers meet was like ... but pretty good I imagine. I blog here but mostly parochial politics and attempted satire.

27 January, 2007 12:32  
Blogger Mookie said...


Sounds cool. I will drop into your blog from time to time, but the local nature of it may be a bit beyond my understanding. All the same, I wish you well!

27 January, 2007 14:25  

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